Consumer Products

Lean Slow Motion Potion

Lean Slow Motion Potion is the premium, niche consumer relaxation carbonated potion on the market today. This highly effective, safe formulation was developed by a registered pharmacist who observed 15 years of consumer market demand and retail pharmacy buying trends of functional foods, beverages and OTC products in an attempt to relieve stress, anxiety and restlessness.

Lean comes in 2 tasty distinct flavors — Purp and Easta Pink — which creates a diverse range of flavor profiles to suit the taste buds of every type of consumer. Our brands’ names are voluntarily mentioned in a significant number of world-renown platinum selling album, award-winning music artists’ lyrics that are aired daily on radio stations, social media, smart phone apps and on the Internet across the globe. Additionally, the trendy names of each flavor along with its repetitive mentions in popular media outlets becomes further admired by unsolicited newcomers which leads to an inherent broadening of the consumer base beyond its intended scope.