Press Releases

2019 Dewmar International BMC, Inc. (DEWM) Signs Agreement for Office Location in Louisville, KY.pdf

2018 Reports on $867 Billion Dollar Farm Bill That Legalizes Industrial Hemp and Its Benefits.pdf

2018 Releases Shareholder Update and Unveils Canada Strategy and Hint at New Business Segment.pdf

2018 Congratulates President Trump on Signing the 2018 Farm Bill Into Law.pdf

2018 Announces the Immediate Nationwide Launch of MarijuanaEmail.pdf

2018 Announces Filing of Kush Cakes Trademark to Continue Canadian Cannabis Industry Strategy.pdf

2017 Announces New Central Distribution Contract with Walmart.pdf

2017 (DEWM) Signs Licensing Agreement with KW Brands.pdf

2017 Takes Steps to Secure Intellectual Property Related to Cannabinoids and the Treatment of Post-

2017 Retires Over 100 Million Shares of Common Stock.pdf

2017 President J.D. Houston Selected to Speak at the InvestorsHub International Cannabis Conference

2017 Participation in the 2017 Essence Music Festival Retail Sales and Promotion Event to 400,000 C

2017 New West Genetics and the phenomenal progress.pdf

2017 Lean Slow Motion Potion for product placement extension.pdf

2017 Kush Cakes Relaxation Brownies to Hurricane Irma Evacuees in Florida .pdf

2017 Invests in Opportunities within $2.2 Trillion Entertainment Industry, Plus Exclusive CEO Inter

2017 Introduces 4 New Brands at the 2017 Essence Music Festival Community Corner .pdf

2017 Files Provisional Patent to Treat Lung Cancer with Cannabinoids .pdf

2017 Exceeds Sales Projections at the Essence Music Festival Event .pdf

2017 Dr. Marco Moran Appointed to the Board of the Minority Cannabis Business Association .pdf

2017 Donation of Medical Supplies and More to Hurricane Harvey Shelters .pdf

2017 Creates a Holding Company to Protect Cannabis Intellectual Property Assets .pdf

2017 Apponitment of Dr. Marco Moran, the Executive Committee within the College of Science.pdf

2017 Announces Complete Sale-Out of Kush Cakes in All Online Fulfillment Centers .pdf

2016 Mississippi CEO, asked to join White House Business Council.pdf

2016 Sampling of Lean Slow Motion Potion relaxation beverages at Walmart Supercenters .pdf

2016 Rocky Mountain High Brands Will Introduce Its Hemp.pdf

2016 Five College of Science alumni were honored.pdf

2016 (DEWM) Achieves a Positive SER and Credit Rating from Dun & Bradstreet .pdf

2015 (OTCPink.DEWM) Provides Significant Shareholder Update via Official Hemp Report.pdf

2015 (DEWM) Announces Success at Walmart s 2015 US Manufacturing Summit .pdf

2014 (otcqb.DEWM) Reports 550Percent Growth in Revenue for 1st Quarter .pdf

2014 (DEWM) Announces Exclusive Licensing Agreement for the Original Hemp-Based Iced Tea .pdf

2014 Dewmar International CEO Appears on Radio Program to Announce Company Growth and Objectives .p

2014 (DEWM) Seeks Overseas Expansion.pdf

2013 Po It Up Pharmacist Hopes Lean Will Slo Up Syrup Use.pdf

2013 Dewmar International s CEO Receives Congressional Award of Excellence.pdf

2013 Dewmar International Partners With HBS Media to Enhance Brand Management Capabilities.pdf

2013 Dewmar International CEO Completes SBA Emerging Leaders Program .pdf

2013 Dewmar International BMC, Inc Provides Significant Shareholder Update.pdf

2013 Dewmar International BMC, Inc Gains Distribution Channel for Lean Slow Motion .pdf

2013 Dewmar International BMC, Inc Finds New Distribution Partner in Puerto Rico .pdf

2013 Dewmar International BMC, Inc Announces Successful Caribbean Trade Mission .pdf

2012 Demar International BMC, Inc Dismissed from Texas Lawsuit Filed by Innovative Beverage Group.

2011 The Anti-Four Loko Lean Slow Motion Potion.pdf