We hear great questions daily from investors, entrepreneurs, our limited partners and the media. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q: Who is Dewmar International?

A: Dewmar International Brand Management Company, Inc. (“Dewmar”) is a U.S. based, veteran-owned brand management services and diversified operating company. We specialize in developing, acquiring and/or licensing new products and brands for successful launch or distribution in both national and international markets.  Our company has taken a particular interest in the what we anticipate to be the fastest growing industry in North America over the next decade, legal cannabis and industrial hemp by providing a host of services within this burgeoning sector by remaining in full compliance with all Federal laws.

Q: What are company’s short term focus, in line with its operating strategy?

A: Our three near term primary focus items are:

1) the continued sales of our flagship beverage Lean Slow Motion Potion,

2) the sale and promotion of the Kush Cakes brand and product; inclusive of international licensing deals

3) promotion of our online cannabis platform, MarijuaEmail.com throughout North America

4) advancement of our tenured company United States Hemp Corporation

Q: In which countries are you active?

A: United State of America and Canada

Q: How does Dewmar determine if they should partner with a Company or take on a new brand?

A: To best serve our stakeholder’s interests, Dewmar must fully understand any business and its potential. We pride ourselves on developing a thorough understanding of business ventures, so that we can make a well-informed decision that is mutually beneficial to all parties and serve as effective and informed Board members following the close of the transaction. Working with a team of legal, accounting and other advisors, we will review a company on paper, send a team to its facilities and speak with key vendors and customers. A further due diligence is undertaken based on Dewmar’s internal strategic assessment of a company.

Q: Where can I find Dewmar’s press releases?

A: All Dewmar International’s press releases are available on our website www.DewmarInternational.com then click on News/Media then Press Releases.

Q: Is Dewmar actively seeking new investment opportunities?

A: We are continuously interested in meeting standout innovators and new products for brand management opportunities. If you are fit with our investment focus and are at a revenue growth stage, we invite you to get introduced through our network or contact us. At this time, our primary focus is on those products and services that compliment either the industrial hemp or legal cannabis industries in the U.S. and abroad.