Dewmar International BMC, Inc. is a certified service-disabled veteran business concern, new product development, manufacturing and brand management company that specializes in developing, acquiring and/or licensing new products and brands for successful launch or distribution in both national and international markets .

Established in 2003, Dewmar’s primary business strategy has been to transform high profit-margin brands traditionally reserved for niche consumer markets into more widely available general consumer brands while building a sustainable business growth model.  Lean Slow Motion Potion is rated as one of the top 3 national selling relaxation beverages in the U.S. market and Kush Cakes relaxation brownies is the number 1 selling relaxation brownie in America. The company has office locations in Clinton, MS; Houston, TX: Denver, CO and New Orleans, LA.

With our deep experience in effectively building brands, our range of brand management capabilities allow us to execute projects suited to specific business goals. Our reputation is driven by a strong conviction that a successful business investment requires an attention to detail to unlock value for any investment. Our success is attributable to the understanding of business life-cycles, and business strategy focused on excellence in client service. 

We are confident that our proactive approach enhances opportunities to add value to every investment. Dewmar International is committed to client service above all else, and our lasting client relationships prove it. Our cross-industry expertise allows us to take advantage of rapidly changing market conditions and serve as an invaluable asset across a variety of economic cycles and geographic markets.